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大学学术英语Academic English





《大学学术英语》课程里所见词汇均为取自学术词汇表 (AWL) 里各个学科的高频词汇。本课程内容将以TOEFL托福考试内容为基准,与此同时,学员也将对国际考试中将会遇到的题型一一悉知。


Academic English is a self-study course designed for learners who need to improve their listening and reading skills in preparation for further study in English, or for international exams such as IELTS and TOEFL.
Available at B1 level, it helps learners develop their skills in understanding academic writing and listening to lectures, and expands their knowledge of high frequency academic vocabulary. Academic English can be used across a range of devices, allowing for seamless mobile study.

About Academic English
Academic English can be used flexibly as a self-study course or homework supplement for students who are preparing for further study in English. Those who are willing to study 2-3 hours a week over several months will see a significant improvement in their level and have increased confidence in listening and reading in academic settings.

Each lesson in Academic English is broken down into short sections that will help develop listening and reading skills, and increase exposure to academic vocabulary.

The lexical items throughout Academic English have been selected from the Academic Word List* (AWL) which features the highest frequency words across different disciplines. The course content is benchmarked against the TOEFL® examination and students will become familiar with many of the task-types used in this international exam.

Performing in Academic Settings
Lessons begin with a focus on the key vocabulary related to the topic and skill focus. Skills practice is then provided using reading and listening material that students might encounter in an academic paper or university lecture. A Learner Training section summarises the skill area that is being learned, and provides useful tips for using the skills in a real-life setting.

Separate video tutorials on managing your learning and developing study skills are included to support the learner. The video tutorials can be viewed and reviewed at any stage of the course.
An end-of-lesson test checks students’ grasp of new words, and their reading and listening comprehension skills.

Academic English features

 30 lessons at B1 level for academic listening and reading skill practice.
15 short videos on developing study skills to utilize in a university setting.
Structured practice with semi-authentic scripts that mirror university lectures and reading content.
Topics and vocabulary that cover a range of disciplines and study areas including Humanities, Science, Commerce and Law.
Built in review of new vocabulary and skills to maximise practice and build confidence.

Lesson Follow
Lessons follow a systematic cycle, and are broken down into short modules. Students can begin a lesson, take a break and simply pick up where they left off.
An end-of-lesson test helps consolidate the language learned and provides an immediate benchmark of progress made.





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